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After 6 years, I'm finally going home! Witness my homecoming to my homeland of Punjab, India! This blog will only be up for 2 months or so, so better check back and see what's up! :P

I am still home… but I won’t be able to show you the rest of my homecoming anymore due to a disorienting turn of events. Yesterday, my aunt Naseeb, who we fondly call Sibo Massi (my mom’s eldest sister) unexpectedly passed away… I’ve always considered her as my second mom. Out of my mom’s 5 sisters, she was the one closest to me. I don’t feel like talking about this place anymore, thank you. Please pray for us.


Golden Temple Pt. 2

More pics from the Golden Temple! :P

Golden Temple, Amritsar

Here are some pics from our visit to the city of Amritsar, the most important place of pilgrimage for Sikhs. The temple’s name is Harmandir Sahib, but it’s usually referred to as the Golden Temple, especially in the foreign circle. The Harmandir Sahib is the only religious temple in the world that opens its gates to people from all kinds of races/religion. Anyone, as in anyone, can enter the gates of Harmandir Sahib to pay homage/pray, eat at the Guru Ka Langar (Guru’s Kitchen), and even stay overnight. Seeing the Golden Temple after 6 years: as breathtaking as the first time I started appreciating the beauty of it (which is probably around when I was 16 years old).

Too bad people are not allowed to take pictures inside the Golden Temple. The golden detail on the walls is really a wonderful sight to see…I tried to take pics inside, but I was too scared of the Saint Soldiers with giant spheres, haha.


Wedding Prep (Food!)

Here are some pics of the food preparation for my cousin’s wedding. We got the halwaii (executive chef, haha) to prepare the phaji (sweets, salty treats and scone-like thingies) 4 days ahead of the wedding day, these will be given to the immediate family of the bride… sort of like giveaways.


The Real Homecoming

Went to my dad’s ancestral home yesterday in Assi Kalan. It’s always nice seeing the place where my dad grew up in… but I miss seeing my grandma around though :(

Here are some pics!


My Grandpa’s Rifle pt. 2

Here’s my brother, Lucky, playing with my grandpa’s rifle. It’s pretty old, I think he got it in the 1960s… I’ll ask my uncle tom, haha!

My Grandpa’s Rifle

Slept over at my Grandma/Uncle’s place last night! I love going back to this place since we used to stay here back when we didn’t have our own house in Punjab. I’ll post pics of my Mom’s ancestral home next time. In the mean time, here’s a vid of me firing my grandpa’s rifle!


Visited the place of my brotha, the infamous Shan “Shawin Verbado”, to meet his mom in Boparai! Here are some pics Shanny Boy!

On the way home, we dropped by at Talleen Saab. In Punjab, you’d usually see at least 3 temples/Guruduaras per village/district. Aside from these temples (which are just built as places of worship for the residents of these certain villages), we also have main temples that have real stories behind their existence.

The story of Talleen Saab: Unlike other Guruduaras where visitors and pilgrims can have a cup of milk tea/milk, the servers in Talleen Saab only serve milk and people usually bring gallons and gallons of milk here as an offering to our Gurus. The reason for this is that ages ago, our sixth Guru, Guru Hargobind Singh Ji, visited this place and helped quite a number of cows and carabaos yield milk from their udders. During that time, people from the areas near Talleen Saab congregated and told our Guru their problem: that their cows and carabaos are unable to give milk (which is a main source of livelihood for a lot of people here). Our Guru gladly helped them and made the cows/carabaos give gallons of milk to the villagers. Ever since that day, Talleen Saab is considered as the main Guruduara where a villager/farmer can pray for the wellbeing of his/her cows/carabaos and in return, they offer milk to the temple.


Indian Wedding

Crashed a wedding yesterday! My cousin (who’s invited) insisted on bringing us along coz’ he wanted to show us a unique wedding. This wedding’s unique coz it wasn’t held in a “Marriage Palace” (which isn’t really a palace, it’s just a big events place but people here call it a Marriage Palace… and the rent for these places are crazy expensive!). Back to the wedding… it was held in an open field, a decorated open field. Didn’t know anyone but we still danced the bhangra to the music and performance of Ravinder Grewal, a pretty popular Punjabi singer (here’s his music video: {haha! as if you’d check})